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Photo: NDL group members. Fall 2006.

September 2006

Professor Alexander Balandin has received a $110K grant from the Army Research Office for experimental research in the field of semiconductor nanostructures and their spintronic and optoelectronic applications. The equipment funds provided by this one-year award will be spent on acquisition of the advanced time-resolved spectrometer with the single photon counting capability. This instrument will be used to investigate the charge carrier recombination and light emission from the nanostructures based on wide-band gap semiconductors such as zinc oxide (ZnO) and gallium nitride (GaN). The research to be carried out in the Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) will help in optimizing ZnO and GaN nanostructures for the proposed spintronic and optoelectronic device applications. NDL group members have previously made important contributions to the study of phonon states in ZnO and GaN nanostructures. New experimental capabilities provided by this award will strongly enhance research and education activities in this field.

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