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Photo: NDL group members participating in NASA project.

November 2006

Professor Alexander Balandin serves as Co-PI for the university-industry team, which won NASA funding for the development of the high-efficiency radiation-hard nanostructure solar cells. The interdisciplinary team, which also includes researchers and engineers from the CFD Research Corporation, Rochester Institute of Technology and International Photonics, will develop the software tools for the modeling-based optimization of the next generation of solar cells as well as prototype devices. Future NASA deep-space exploration missions will require improvements in the photovoltaic efficiency and radiation hardness. The work in Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL), funded with $200K two-year subcontract, will include modeling of light absorption and electron transport in the nanostructured semiconductors as well as experimental study of the solar cell performance. The software tools, to be developed under this project, will utilize the theoretical results previously obtained in Balandin group for the regimented quantum dot superlattices. The $200K subcontract for NDL followed the initial NASA seed funding, which helped to demonstrate the concept. Featured news announcement can be found HERE

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