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Apr 2004

NDL researchers are taking part in the DARPA and SRC funded MARCO center on Functional Engineered Nano Architectonics (FENA) headed by Prof. K.L. Wang (UCLA). The mission of the MARCO FENA center is to create and investigate new nano-engineered functional materials and devices, and novel structural and computational architectures for new information processing systems beyond the limits of conventional CMOS technology. The UCR MARCO FENA team includes Profs. R. Lake, A.A. Balandin, M. Ozkan, C. Ozkan and J.L. Liu. More information on the UCR MARCO members can be found on PIs web-sites. Press release about the UCLA-based MARCO FENA center can be found HERE. Press release about the UCR-team participating in MARCO FENA center can be found HERE.

UCR MARCO FENA participants pretending to be looking at the SEM image of the quantum dot-based functional element of the future nanoelectronic computing architecture. From left ro right: Profs. J.L. Liu (EE), A.A. Balandin (EE), C. Ozkan (ME), M. Ozkan (EE) and R. Lake (EE).

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