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      Photo: Balandins in St. Petersburg, Russia.
      Famous Aurora cruiser is on the background.

July 2004

Professor Balandin gave an invited Plenary session talk on the Phonon Confinement Effects in Nanostructures at the 11th International Conference on Phonons Scattering in Condensed Matter PHONONS 2004. This conference, conducted once in three years in different countries, is ranked number one in the field. A review paper on the Phonon Confinement and Phonon Engineering in Nanostructures based on the Phonons 2004 Plenary session talk can be found HERE. For basic information on NANOPHONONICS visit the NDL PHONON ENGINEERING web-page. Publications on phonon confinement effect, phonon engineering and nano-phononics can be accessed from the NDL Research Publications web-page.

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