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August 2002

A new book Noise and Fluctuation Control in Electronic Devices (American Scientific Publishers, Los Angeles, 2002) edited by Alexander A. Balandin has appeared in print. The 390-page book features an introduction and 18 comprehensive review chapters on all aspects of noise research written by top experts in the field. The book can be used as a most up-to-date reference source for researchers and students in universities as well as engineers in industry. The review chapters included in this book cover topics from electronic noise fundamentals to practical advices on noise suppression in novel electronic devices. Some of the recognized experts in noise research who contributed to this book are Profs. G. Bosman, Z. Celik-Butler, M. Jamal Deen, M.E. Levinshtein, M.S. Shur, C. Surya, S.L. Rumyantsev, E. Simoen, R. Katilius, S. Bandyopadhyay, N.B. Lukyanchikova, and many others.
To order the book you can go to the publisher's web-site HERE.

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