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   Figure 1: In-house buil low-temperature setup
   for investigation of the phonon confinement
   effects in nanostructures. W. Liu and A.A. Balandin.

   Figure 2: Nano-heater/thermometer fabricated for
   thermal conductivity measurements. W. Liu, NDL,


Semiconductor Research Corporation

National Science Foundation

Project Duration: 2004-2006

Conventional methods for thermal management and heat removal are not expected to satisfy the needs for continuing device downscaling and development of nanocircuits. New packaging level methods (water cooling, thermoelectric or thermionic active cooling, etc.) of heat removal would hardly solve the problems at nanoscale. Heat removal from nanoscale CMOS and beyond CMOS devices as well as from any 3D integrated circuits requires novel radical concepts. In this project we propose to carry out theoretical and experimental feasibility study of two novel concepts for improved heat removal. These concepts represent further development of the phonon (spectrum) engineering approach [A.A. Balandin and K.L. Wang, Phys. Rev. B., 58, 1544 (1998)], and allow to achive increased thermal conductivity along certain structure directions. Both concepts present a radical departure from conventional - packaging level - heat removal techniques and call for a new philosophy of thermal management at the nanomaterials and device design stage.

Relevant Publications:

* E.P. Pokatilov, D.L. Nika, and A.A. Balandin, “Phonon spectrum and group velocities in AlN/GaN/AlN and related heterostructures,“ J. Superlattices and Microstructures, 33: 155 (2003)

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