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The Virtual Tour of the Nano-Device Laboratory

Professor Balandin's Nano-Device Laboratory is located in Bourns Hall B140 (experimental facilities) and Bourns Hall B235B (computational facilities).

Photo 1. NDL research team in Bourns Hall, 2005.

Photo 2. Principle Investigator of NDL research group
- Alexander A. Balandin inside Bourns B140. 2004.

Photo 3. All the great folks of NDL squeezed in the
spectroscopy room. Bourns B140. NDL 2004.

Photo 4. PhD Candidates Khan Alim and Manu Shamsa
look puzzeled as PI pretends he knows something.

Photo 5. Characterization equipment: probe station, LCR meter,
HP4142, home-built thermal conductivity measurement setup.
We can do measurements in the range from 4K to 600K. NDL.

Photo 6. In front of the big SEM instrument. AML, UCR 2004.

Photo 7. Dr. Vladimir A. Fonoberov in NDL "theory room."

Photo 8. Low-temperature measurements setup. NDL 2004.

Photo 9. Raman spectroscopy expert - Khan Alim. NDL 2004.

Photo 10. NDL group Industry Day participants. 2004.

Photo 11. NDL people in front of Bourns B140. UCR 2004.

More information on the projects currently under way in the Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) can be found HERE. To join NDL as a graduate student or postdoctoral research visit the web-page HERE. To learn more about course offering in the field of Nano Materials, Devices and Circuits (NMDC) visit the web-page HERE.

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